Sunday, July 09, 2006

New Suicide Prevention Help Global Web Directory

In 1998, I created a suicide prevention Web site called Suicide Prevention Help - The Friendship Letter for those who are despairing and contemplating suicide. Over the years, I have answered thousand of letters from readers, offering a few kind words and online and offline resources that they would find useful.

I am currently developing a global Suicide Prevention Help Web Directory of resources that will be valuable to researchers, practitioners, lay people and students. Included in the directory are categories such as Conferences and Events, Crisis Centers, Education, Government Initiatives, Guides and Directories, Helping Someone, News, Organizations. Personal Testimonies, Research, Statistics, Support Groups, Survivor Support, Teens and Young Adults, Training Programs and more.

Googling the word "suicide" yields 147,000,000 results. The directory offers Web users a positive resource in finding information relating to suicide and suicide prevention.

This blog will provide details of updates to the directory.

Individuals and organizations are welcome to suggest appropriate Web sites for inclusion in the directory.

Kenneth Hemmerick
July, 2006


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